Bright Futures at Georgetown University
Talk about Oral Health!
Oral Health in Infancy (0-1)  Oral Health in Middle Childhood (5-11)
No bottles in bed Brushing habits
Teething Losing baby teeth
Brushing teeth at six months Fluoride supplements
Fluoride supplements Visiting the dentist
    Dental sealants
    Dental emergencies
    Avoiding tobacco
    Braces and orthodontia
Oral Health in Early Childhood (1-5)  Oral Health in Adolescence (11-21)
No bottles in bed Brushing habits
Using a cup Visiting the dentist
Teething Fluoride supplements
Brushing habits Dental sealants
Fluoride supplements Dental emergencies
Sucking habits Braces and orthodontia
Dental emergencies Mouthguards
Visiting the dentist—first appointment at one year Avoiding tobacco and other substances

Talk about Healthy Teeth!


Safety | Eating | Fitness | Oral Health | Success in School | Confidence
Independence | Responsibility | Family | Community | Health Charter


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