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Learning in Infancy (0-1)  School Success in Middle Childhood (5-11)
Talking, singing, "reading" to baby Preparing child for school
Opportunities for exploration Meeting with teachers
Playing social games Praising, encouraging talking, interactive reading, individual attention
Play groups, early intervention Teaching respect for authority, right from wrong
Providing toys Resolving conflicts and handling anger
Discipline through distraction, removing problem Setting reasonable but challenging expectations
Developing routines Community involvement: sports, activities, parent-teacher groups
Limiting number of rules and consistently reinforcing them Safe after-school environment
Child care Reading, hobbies, pursuit of talents
    Positive interactions with teachers and other adults
Learning in Early Childhood (1-5)  School Success in Adolescence (11-21)
Talking, singing, interactive reading Transitions to middle school, high school, beyond
Exploration and physical activity Personal responsibility for attendance, homework, course selection
Playing alone and with others Frustrations with school
Assertiveness without aggression Preventing school dropout
Self-quieting, self-expression Participation in school activities
Limiting TV Identifying talents, interests for the future
Toilet training when child is ready Planning for the future: college, career, vocation, military
Child care    
Head Start, preschool, religious school, community activities, play groups, early intervention    

Talk about Assuring School Success!


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