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Talk about Responsibility!


Responsibility in Infancy (0-1)  Responsibility in Middle Childhood (5-11)
Changing family relationships Talking about school and
Sharing the care of infant Expressing feelings
Preparing siblings Social responsibility, acceptance of diversity
Support system, stress, fatigue Impulse control, right and wrong
Nurturing, consoling,
playing with infant
Family rules and authority
Establishing routines, bedtime, music, reading Assigning chores
Babysitting, child care arrangements School, after-school, group
    Schoolwork, hobbies
    Decision making, peer pressure
    Limiting TV and video games
Responsibility in Early Childhood (1-5)  Responsibility in Adolescence (11-21)
Self-quieting and comforting Respect for others
Separation, comfort objects Family rules, curfew, TV, chores
Setting limits, establishing discipline Family meals and time
Playing alone and with others Decision making and peer pressure
No hitting, pinching, biting Activities, dating, clubs, sports, community
Communicating needs and interests Individuality and independence
Making choices    
Toilet training, self-care    
Limiting TV and video games    


Talk about Responsibility!


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