Module 4: Promoting Mental Health in Adolescence


Adolescence is one of the most dynamic stages of human development. Adolescents are in transition from the dependency of childhood to the independence and responsibility of early adulthood.

Although early life experiences form the foundation for personality development, experiences during the adolescent years contribute significantly to the unique characteristics and maturation of the young adult. Viewing adolescence in stages—early, middle, and late—yields a better understanding of adolescent development and potential problems.

Promoting Healthy Mental Development in Adolescence

Module Objectives

  • Review major developmental goals and areas of special concern in adolescence
  • Describe observable parent-teen interactions
  • Specify developmental screening guidelines and identify screening tools
  • Explore key components of healthy mental development in adolescence
  • Suggest topic-specific health interview questions
  • Offer practical tips for primary care providers
  • Provide targeted anticipatory guidance for parents
  • Recommend additional resources for both providers and families

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