Module 4: Promoting Mental Health in Early Childhood


Building on the secure and trusting relationships established in the first year of life, the developing young child achieves a wide range of skills and abilities as she progresses from tantrums and toilet training to acquire the major preschool skills needed to enter kindergarten.

Major Developmental Goals

  • Self-control
    • Sleeping
    • Feeding
    • Toileting
    • Managing emotions
  • Self-care skills
  • Communication
  • Competence and self-esteem
  • Socialization
  • School readiness

Areas of Special Concerns

  • Language and communication concerns (vocabulary, speech, reading, comprehension)
  • Autism (social interaction, communication)
  • Cognitive delays (inability to follow simple requests, sort colors, count, know some alphabet letters); concerns about school readiness
  • Self-control issues (eating or sleeping disturbances, excessive tantrums, toileting problems)
  • Social concerns (chronic aggression, isolation, inability to get along with others)

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