Module 1: Promoting Mental Health in Infancy

Mothers and BabiesCommunity Practices to Promote Mental Health in Infancy

  • Develop relationships with community agencies and organizations that support families (e.g., family resource centers, play groups, faith-based communities).
  • Provide a list of community groups and developmentally appropriate activities for your geographic area. Suggest that new parents find peers at places such as local parks, community pools, and libraries.
  • Put up a bulletin board where community activities for families with infants can be posted.
  • Provide a list of Internet resources that could be helpful for families with infants. Internet newsgroups, for example, are very useful to families, especially those living in small towns or rural areas.
  • Parents of infants with developmental disabilities or special health care needs may need help finding new parent peers. Connect them with local support groups through such
    organizations as March of Dimes or Easter Seals, or set up a parent group in the office to
    discuss special parenting issues.
  • Consider offering parent groups or community seminars on particular topics. They not only offer information but also help link parents to one another.
  • Support comprehensive community programs that promote the healthy social and emotional development of infants and their families (e.g., Early Head Start, high-quality home visitation).
Provider Resource

Where to Seek Help: A Bright Futures Referral Tool for Providers PDF

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