Module 3: Promoting Mental Health in Middle Childhood

Happy Jumping ChildrenMiddle Childhood

Middle childhood brings many changes to a child’s life and is a critical time for children to gain confidence in all areas of development.

Children in middle childhood continue the progression from dependence on parents and other caregivers to increasing independence, including learning new skills and making new friends at school. A home filled with love, security, and stability eases the child’s move beyond home and family. Well-supervised play activities and schools that encourage cognitive, emotional, social, and moral development provide further support.

Promoting Healthy Mental Development in Middle Childhood

Module Objectives

  • Review major developmental goals and areas of special concern in middle childhood
  • Describe observable parent-child interactions
  • Specify developmental screening guidelines and identify screening tools
  • Explore key components of healthy mental development in middle childhood
  • Suggest topic-specific health interview questions
  • Offer practical tips for primary care providers
  • Provide targeted guidance for parents
  • Recommend additional resources for both providers and families

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