Bright Futures at Georgetown University
Text Permissions

To reproduce Bright Futures text from publications on this site, you must submit an official request in writing on your organization’s letterhead.

Click here for a sample permissions letter in Word or PDF.  Send requests to

Copyright Officer
National Center for Education in Maternal and Child Health
Georgetown University
Box 571272
Washington, DC 20057-1272
Fax: (202) 784-9777

The following stipulations must be met before NCEMCH can consider granting permission to reproduce or adapt text:

1. Permission to reproduce or adapt is nonexclusive and limited to one-time use. Permission must be requested again for any subsequent use of the material (including subsequent editions, revisions, and any new electronic uses).

2. NCEMCH must approve final use of text upon receipt of a final copy of the publication before it goes to press. NCEMCH will check that the credit line is correct and that text has been reproduced correctly. If text is to be adapted, NCEMCH must approve all modifications before final permission is granted.

3. NCEMCH will receive two copies of all publications that include reproduced or adapted text.



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