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Bright Futures Encounter Forms for Families

Bright Futures Encounter Forms for Families


These encounter forms are no longer in print. They can be accessed here electronically, but please be aware that the forms are outdated and may no longer be consistent with current Bright Futures guidelines. They can, however, serve as models for creating similar forms intended for use with families.

To view or download a form, please choose from the lists below.

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PDF Download How To Use the Encounter Forms for Families as a PDF file. 62KB, 2 pages

Ages Prenatal-1 Year

Download the Prenatal-1 Year forms as PDF file. 332K, 18 pages

Ages 15 Months-5 Years

Download the 15 Months-5 Years forms as PDF file. 220K, 12 pages

Ages 6 Years-Adolescence

Download the 6 Years-Adolescence forms as PDF file. 236K, 12 pages



Choose the form you would like to view or download from one of the pull-down menus. The form you selected will be displayed in your Web browser. You can print or view the version displayed in your browser.

Or you can click the "Download the . . . forms as a PDF file" links to download several forms at once. To ensure that you will be able to download and read the PDF files, please read "Using Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®" below.

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