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Where is the national Bright Futures initiative located?

The Bright Futures Education Center is housed at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and is funded by the Health Resourses and Services Administration's (HRSA) Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB). The purpose of AAP's Bright Futures Education Center is to promote the value of prevention and health promotion activities for children and adolescents. The AAP has recently released the third edition of the Bright Futures Guidelines. For more information visit

AAP's Bright Futures Education Center collaborates with other MCHB-funded Bright Futures initiatives, including Bright Futures at Georgetown University.

What activities and/or initiatives is Bright Futures at Georgetown currently engaged in?

Distance Learning Curricula Development

Well-Child Care

Bright Futures at Georgetown University has recently released a new curriculum—
Well-Child Care: A Bright Futures Curriculum for Pediatric Providers. This comprehensive distance learning curriculum for pediatric providers is designed for all health professionals who provide well-child care for infants, children, and teens, especially those served by state MCH programs or by Medicaid's Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment (EPSDT) program.

Healthy Mental Development

With funding from MCHB, Bright Futures at Georgetown is currently developing a curriculum on mental health promotion and assessment. Promoting Healthy Mental Development: A Bright Futures Online Curriculum will address this critical training need. Completion of the curriculum is expected in 2010.

State Collaboration

Bright Futures at Georgetown worked with the District of Columbia (DC) to develop the HealthCheck Provider Education System. This interactive, Web-based training tool and complemenary resources are intended to assist in enhancing health professionals' understanding of the requirements for delivering and documenting Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment (EPSDT) services to Medicaid-eligible children in the District of Columbia.

Bright Futures at Georgetown welcomes inquiries from other states about exploring collaborative efforts in developing state-specific training curricula. For more information, send inquiries to

Online Training Tools

The downloadable Bright Futures materials (available on this site) can also be used as training tools. See the Training Tools page for more information.

Online Archive of Bright Futures Materials

Although most of the original Bright Futures materials are out of print or no longer available, Bright Futures at Georgetown still provides online access to these hard to find publications. Publications can be downloaded from this site. See the Bright Futures Archives page for more information.

What other organizations participate in the Bright Futures initiative?

The Maternal and Child Health Bureau has provided numerous organizations with funding to promote Bright Futures through a variety of activities, including materials development, training, technical assistance, and outreach to families. Listed below are just a few of these projects. Please visit the following Web sites to learn more about other Bright Futures activities:

Many state, local, and community policymakers and organizations are playing an active role in implementing Bright Futures nationwide.To find out more about Bright Futures or to inquire about technical assistance, contact Dr. Chris DeGraw at MCHB at (301) 443-2608 or

Are Bright Futures materials copyrighted? Can I make photocopies of the materials for distribution? Can I adapt the materials for use in my practice? Can I use Bright Futures graphic/images/photographs for my organization's materials?

The Bright Futures materials available on this site are copyrighted by NCEMCH and Georgetown University. Our copyright policies page includes an overview of our copyright policies, including information on photocopies, graphics, and how to obtain permission to reproduce or adapt Bright Futures materials.

Can you send me complimentary copies of your materials?

Although we cannot provide complimentary copies of our Bright Futures materials, many publications can be downloaded from our Web site for your reference only (i.e., not for multiple use or distribution). (See also the previous question.) 

Are any of the Bright Futures materials available in Spanish?

For a list of Bright Futures materials available in Spanish, please refer to our Spanish Materials Page.

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