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Bright Futures in Practice: Mental Health

Bright Futures in Practice: Mental Health
Bright Futures in Practice: Mental Health
(2002) is a two-volume set considering the mental health of children in a developmental context, presenting information on early recognition and intervention for specific mental health problems and mental disorders, and providing a tool kit with hands on tools for health professionals and families for use in screening, care management, and health education.

Under the leadership of chair Michael Jellinek, M.D., a multidisciplinary panel of experts worked toward these consensus guidelines for mental health promotion as an integral part of child health supervision.

The guidelines were developed with funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration's Maternal and Child Health Bureau and have been supported by over 50 national organizations. The guide was published by the National Center for Education in Maternal and Child Health at Georgetown University.

This publication is currently out of print. However, you can view the PDF files by using the link below.

Table of Contents (211KB)

Introductory Materials (219KB)

Supporting Organizations (138KB)

View full Table of Contents of Bright Futures in Practice: Mental Health—Volume I, Practice Guide as PDF files.

View full Table of Contents of Bright Futures in Practice: Mental Health—Volume II, Tool Kit as PDF files.


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The vision and goals of Bright Futures in Practice: Mental Health are to

Inform primary care health professionals about the essentials of mental health promotion, including monitoring psychosocial development; preventing and identifying early emotional, behavioral, or substance abuse problems and disorders; providing anticipatory guidance and counseling; and providing appropriate referral and follow-up

Identify the support that infants, children, and adolescents need for good mental health

Provide a framework for developing and implementing mental health promotion programs and policies in a variety of settings, including primary clinical care, infant mental health programs, child care centers, school-based health centers, training programs, and parent education programs.


What makes Bright Futures in Practice: Mental Health unique?

The philosophy underpinning Bright Futures in Practice: Mental Health includes the belief that mental health promotion is

A health partnership -- a longitudinal process that promotes partnership and a shared agenda among health professionals, the child, and the family

Developmental and contextual -- focuses on improving social, developmental, health, and mental health outcomes; views the infant, child, or adolescent in the context of the family, friends, and community

Collaborative and interdisciplinary -- part of a seamless system that comprises health, mental health, education, recreation, and human services

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