One Step At a Time: Helping Young Children Be Active!

Status of Young Children’s Physical Activity

Sedentary activities are activities with limited movement like drawing, reading or being read to, looking at books, playing board games, watching television, or playing with portable electronic devices.

Compared to 20 years ago, people spend less time being physically active and more time being sedentary.

Today, most young children are sedentary much of the time. They spend only a small amount of their time being physically active.2


Barriers to Physical Activity

  • Children need to be physically active to grow up healthy. But barriers may get in the way. These barriers could be:
  • Unsafe neighborhoods
  • Not enough space to be physically active
  • Parents’ or other caregivers’ not knowing how to help children be physically active
  • Parents or other caregivers not being motivated to help children be physically active

Girl Drawing




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