One Step At a Time: Helping Young Children Be Active!

Self-Assessment Quiz

  1. How do adults influence children’s health?
    1. A. They can influence how may calories children burn but nothing else.
    2. B. They can influence the weight of babies’ (under age 1) but not of children (ages 1 and older).
    3. C. They can influence the calories children burn, their weight, and their development.
    4. D. They can control every aspect of children’s lives.
  2. To help parents encourage their child to be physically active, what do child care providers need to understand?
    1. A. They need to understand parents’ lifestyles and values.
    2. B. They need to be experts on physical activity for young children.
    3. C. They need to understand the language that parents are most comfortable speaking.
    4. D. They need to understand each parent’s discipline practices.
  3. Which of the following is not a good idea to share with parents to help motivate children to be physically active?
    1. A. Create “special times” that involve physical activities.
    2. B. Discipline the child for lack of physical activity.
    3. C. Be physically active yourself.
    4. D. Involve the family.
  4. Which of the following is not a good idea to share with parents to help them promote children’s physically activity?

    1. A. Foster play outside and inside.
    2. B. Decrease screen time.
    3. C. Choose a good child care provider and program.
    4. D. Increase time spent coloring, finger painting, and reading picture books.






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